Social media is a very important tool to draw attention to your brand. Most importantly, it provides an opportunity to establish, engage and grow relationships with your audience. Social media is a cost effective way to reach all ages and demographics. It is vital to have content that not only capture the soul of your brand, but also gives your audience an opportunity to interact with you. The ideal social media marketing strategy involves designing appealing profiles and covers which are used as billboards for your brand, authoring relevant and interesting content, utilizing each platform for what they were designed, and linking each platform to create a consistent message across the board.  I can give your social media platforms an upgrade!

Queens on the Green Golf Outing

Inaugural Golf Outing Facebook Campaign

Engagement included graphic design, content and

connection to Paypal for payment

Sixth Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church

Facebook Social Media Manager 2013-2016

Engagement included graphic design and content

Cooks Cages & Clubs

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Engagement included graphic design

RubyDawn Designs

Engagement included graphic design Facebook covers

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